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The Business of VIPs

Folks often inquire as to the most recent celebrity to experience the First Class Limo treatment. This VIP, to whom we had the honor of providing our transportation services last week, may not be your average celebrity, but his business accomplishments and his contributions to the $48 billion company he leads are very impressive and his story is motivating. It's also not everyday that we get to meet people who work directly with the one and only Warren Buffett.

With all that said, Grady (as he prefers to be called), was one of the nicest and kindest clients we've had the pleasure of serving. He loved our Tesla even took the time to do a quick review of our company, providing us with some great tips for success. One of them was keep doing what we are doing with a high level of integrity. We feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to provide our services to such a great gentleman.

Here is an article published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch about his visit to Richmond, VA and his message to the VCU students.

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